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Experience and Credentials

I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in English and Creative Writing. As a writer, I have published several poems and short stories and continue to write about the themes that inspire me: strength, spirit, and healing from trauma. 

As an editor, I have worked on manuscripts in several genres, including fantasy, mystery, literary and historical fiction, and poetry collections. I've worked both as a freelancer for several years, and as an editor for traditional publishers such as Heinemann and Red Wheel/Weiser.


I am the co-founder and editor of Dean College's literary and art magazine Wrote, Unquote. I have five years of experience as a writing tutor assisting students in various critical and creative writing assignments.  


Structural Editing: $.08/word

Line Editing: $.06/word

Copy Editing: $.02/word

Proofreading: $.013/word

Book Coaching: Price is determined by consultation. Consultations are free. 

Comprehensive Character Analysis: Price is dependent on the length of the manuscript. 

Revisions: If you'd like me to do a second edit of your work after you have incorporated my first round of edits, the price will be determined by the type of editing requested and will generally cost around half the price of the previous service. 

For Student or Emerging Writers: Email me to discuss adjusted rates. I would love to work with you. 

Service Descriptions

Description of Services

Structural Editing: This is the first and most comprehensive step in the process of editing a manuscript. The editor looks at the elements of your story to ensure the storyline makes sense. The editor also looks for inconsistencies and places where scenes can be added, removed, or rearranged to better tell the story. 

Line Editing: Line Editing involves looking at the language of individual lines. This is where the editor makes suggestions on word choice and sentence structure to ensure that each sentence is written in the strongest, most effective way.

Copy Editing: This is one of the last steps in the process of editing. Copy editing involves correcting typos, grammatical errors, spelling, and punctuation, and correcting formatting and any technical issues in your writing to make it ready to publish.


Proofreading: Proofreading is the last step in editing your manuscript. Once your manuscript is formatted and you are ready to query, proofreading is the last line of defense. The editor gives a final look over the manuscript for punctuation, spelling, and grammar, and fixes any issues in formatting, making sure chapter titles, headers, bulleted/numbered lists, etc. are all consistent and correct.  

Book Coaching: Do you want a best friend who's as obsessed with what you're writing as you are? Do you want someone who knows how to provide helpful feedback to move your story in the direction you want it to go? Do you want someone to help you navigate the querying process, help with market research, and research publishers and agents who will want to sell your book? That's what a book coach does. We are here to help you perfect your manuscript while you are writing it and to help guide you toward your ultimate goal, whether it be self-publishing, traditional publishing, or just putting your best foot forward into the world of writing. Services include regular phone calls, emails, and texts to discuss what is happening in your story now and how to get your story to the place you want it to be. 

Comprehensive Character Analysis: Characters are a critical part of your story. Their actions are what drive the plot and are what your readers will connect to the most. In a comprehensive character analysis, I will study the main characters of your story for authenticity, consistency of voice, and to ensure that any character development is natural and makes sense in the context of your story. This service includes a written review of each character with suggestions on where they can be strengthened or improved. The price for this service is dependent on the length of the manuscript and the number of characters you would like reviewed. This service can be included as part of a package or can be done separately.

Book Coaching
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